Parent Community Networking Center

PCNC Coordinator: Rochelle Kalili

We are located in P-1

Behind the Cafeteria

What does a PCNC Facilitator do?

Our Parent Community Networking Center (PCNC) Facilitator works a maximum of 17 hours a week. The PCNC will create supportive partnerships among the school, organizations and the community for the purposes of supporting student success, pride, empowerment and a sense of family.  The PCNC will also coordinate school wide activities and provide volunteer opportunities for parents, guardians, Waipahu High School students and community partners.

What does a Parent Involver do?

Our parent involver works a maximum of 17 hours a week.  The parent involver will establish a trusting relationship with the parents to break down the barriers that sometimes exist between parents and school.  Through collaboration the parent involver will create a climate where families relax and talk story about: culture awareness, child/family success, experience, volunteering and ask questions on school related issues or resources.  The parent involver will coordinate with the PCNC to create workshops, and resources based on their needs through their stories.

• Call us if you:

• Have a question and don’t know who to ask

• Want to volunteer at the school

• Want to request a Workshop activity and/or event

WE BELIEVE: “By establishing trusting relationships with our families, we demonstrate our belief in the benefits of working collaboratively and supporting each other’s efforts in helping our students succeed.”