School Home Assist

School Home Assist (SHA)

With the primary responsibility of a SHA being to help with communication between home and school, some of the ways schools can utilize them are to:

  • Provide interpretation at parent meetings/conferences;

  • Call parents to invite them to meetings/relay school information;

  • Assist parents with filling out school forms;

  • Assist schools with written translation or oral interpretation of school-wide letters to parents;

  • Administer the Native Language Proficiency (NLP) test to ELL students who qualify;

  • Accompany school staff on home visits;

  • Serve as a cultural resource to schools;

  • Serve as communication support between schools, ELL families, and community resources.

Our district SHAs and their languages are:

Elsie Sabado (Ilokano/Tagalog)

Rubigilda Baluscang (lokano/Tagalog)

Lupe Tafaoa (Samoan)

Eola Lokebol (Marshallese)

Chomi Elanzo-Anitok (Marshallese)

Setiro Paul (Chuukese)